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I love my plastic surgeon! Adam C. Augenstein, MD is top notch! I am so happy with my legs, even with the swelling! I went in on February 9, 2016, after a year of back and forth wondering if I should or not, but I finally did it and I am thrilled *

—Melanie Y (thigh lift and liposuction)

I have tossed the idea of a tummy tuck around for about 20 years! I exercised all my adult life and have tried every diet plan and magic bullet diet pill that seemed viable, and nothing ever brought me to a place where I was comfortable with my body. Now that I have hit 45 and my children are in their 20s, I felt comfortable enough to pursue the procedure.


—Rosa C (abdominoplasty and liposuction)

Adam C. Augenstein, MD is the best! He takes the time to answer all of my questions! He just really cares about his patients. The courteousness and the feeling of the doctor knowing what he is doing plays a major part! I love my body more and more everyday! Keep up the good work, Dr. Augenstein, and your positive attitude towards your patients! Thank you again! :) *

—LaQuinta (liposuction and Brazilian butt lift)

Phenomenal facility, staff, and Adam C. Augenstein, MD was amazing! He listened to my concerns and created the game plan for treatment. He made me feel as though my concerns mattered and he wasn't trying to just sell me on more surgery, which a previous doctor had tried to do. I feel as though he has my best interest in mind. Very appreciative for the care I received from him and his nurse. They took time to look at my before pictures prior to my weight loss and truly congratulated me on my progress.


—"Jackie" (abdominoplasty after massive weight loss)

Several weeks prior to the procedure, a pre-op was completed and all the proper medications were prescribed to ensure I would be as comfortable as possible in my healing process. After the surgery, Adam C. Augenstein, MD always ensures to follow up promptly after the procedure as well as several times after to ensure everything is healing properly. He also personally contacted me throughout the week to ensure I was feeling well. … I would and have recommend him to many others.


—Jessica C (breast augmentation and rhinoplasty)

Adam C Augenstein, MD

Adam C. Augenstein, MD, at Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte, is a dual board certified plastic surgeon who continues to offer exceptional aesthetic plastic and reconstructive services with natural results at his new practice.

The staff and doctor did everything to make me feel comfortable and prepared for my surgery and recovery. I am so happy with the results and the experience and would recommend them to anyone. Adam C. Augenstein, MD was very helpful in calming all my fears and explaining each step throughout the process. I was so nervous, but he has been so wonderful and did a fantastic job. I only wish I had done it sooner!


—Grace G (abdominoplasty and liposuction)

Adam C. Augenstein, MD takes all the time that is needed to listen to all concerns and to answer every question. The results are great, and I'm very grateful. I also had a wonderful experience having my BOTOX® injected with Adam C. Augenstein, MD. I cannot imagine going to anyone else for any future surgical procedures. Adam C. Augenstein, MD is the best surgeon ever.*

—Malina (breast augmentation)

I had very saggy, deflated breasts from significant weight loss—mostly skin. I wanted them lifted but didn't want to give up the size (I've grown accustomed to being large chested). Dr. A was able to keep my breasts almost the exact same size (still a DD) with a very natural gel implant and lift. Prior to my procedure, I also had extremely large nipples, which he reduced to make them proportionate and more aesthetically pleasing. I have now been told several times I have "the perfect nipples."


—"Polly" (augmentation mastopexy)

Adam C. Augenstein, MD tells you exactly what to expect after a tummy tuck. He said I would hate him for the first week, then love him after that. He was correct, and thankfully I still love this doctor. He spends all the time you need with you. He was very kind with my fiancé, who was very nervous. He kept John calm and helped calm his nerves. We are both thrilled with my results. *

—Susan B (abdominoplasty with lipo)

Over the years, I have used a few other doctors and I am glad to say that Adam C. Augenstein, MD is the only plastic surgeon I will ever go to from now on. He has performed three surgeries on me. He did breast implants, butt implants, lip implants, lipo, fat transfer to my cheeks, and lasered my face. I cannot say enough good things about him and his staff.


—Trina A

After my first consultation with Adam C. Augenstein, MD, I knew I was ready for the nose job I always wanted. He was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. I liked that he was completely honest with me as I showed him pictures of noses I liked: He told me "Yes, I can make your nose look like that," or "No, I cannot."


—Jessica K

I love the choice I made. I love the way that the surgeon answered all the questions I had. I am in love with how my breasts look. I hope that if you are thinking about taking the same risk as I did, you are satisfied with the results that you get, I know I was. I am sure that the staff members will treat you like family. *

—Saida F

I recently had a breast augmentation. Adam C. Augenstein was my surgeon, and I could not be happier. He as well as his staff were absolutely amazing. They listened to my wants/needs and then gave me his professional opinions as well as next the steps for each option given. I began with 34A's, being 5 foot, 1 inch tall and weighing 127 lbs.


—Elizabeth M

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