Radiofrequency for Skin Rejuvenation in Charlotte, NC

Smooth and Lift Away the Negative Effects of Aging

The skin is the body's largest organ, arguably serving the most vital function: protecting you. But skin is also vulnerable. Aging, sun, and a number of other factors can have a negative impact on it over the years, producing wrinkles and causing laxity. Radiofrequency for skin rejuvenation in Charlotte, NC, can tighten patients' loose tissue by penetrating the skin's deepest layer and stimulating production of three building blocks fundamental to healthy, young-looking skin: collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Adam Augenstein's Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte offers Profound by Syneron Candela®, a device that delivers temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy into deep layers to stimulate production of beneficial skin components and remodel healthy fat and connective tissues. The result is a skin rejuvenation treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and changes contours for a sleeker, slimmer look.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Profound Skin Rejuvenation in Charlotte, NC?

Anyone unhappy with the texture of their skin or the contours of their jawline may be a candidate for skin rejuvenation and other benefits of Profound. Syneron Candela® reports that about 30 million women express concern over their double chin, sagging jawline, and turkey neck. Of those, 18 million are particularly interested in a nonsurgical solution. Historically, surgery has been used to lift sagging tissue that causes jowls and obscures jawline definition, but patients who want to avoid the associated risks and downtime now have an option that requires no incisions or sutures.

The best skinrejuvenation patients are women and men in good overall physical and mental health with realistic expectations regarding what the procedure can accomplish. Smoking should be avoided in the weeks prior to and following the procedure, as smoking can interfere with the body's ability to heal. Patients will be asked to provide their medical history, including any medications they might be taking.

The best method of determining whether you are a good candidate for skinrejuvenation is to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns and goals with a professional. Even if skinrejuvenation is not a good fit, other procedures such as chemical peels and microneedling might be a viable alternative.

What Can I Expect During a Skin Rejuvenation Procedure in Charlotte, NC?

After we develop a specific treatment plan, we walk each patient through every step of the procedure. A typical skin rejuvenation appointment in Charlotte, NC, will last about one hour. A Profound treatment involves the insertion of microneedles that deliver radiofrequency energy into deep layers: the dermis and the subcutaneous layer. This energy is absorbed as heat, which triggers neocollagenesis, neo-elastogenesis, and hyaluronic acid deposition in the dermal layer, and treats adipose tissue and remodels connective bands known as septae in the subcutaneous later. In the weeks and months following a treatment, added volume from collagen, moisture from hyaluronic acid, and flexibility from elastin will give the skin an increasingly youthful appearance, smoothing away creases and lifting sagging tissue to reduce the appearance of jowls.

Skin Rejuvenation Recovery in Charlotte, NC

Patients who choose skin rejuvenation with Profound typically do not experience post-treatment pain, though there may be swelling in the treated area. Daily activities can be resumed virtually immediately, though men and women should follow all aftercare instructions provided by the doctor, including wearing sunscreen to protect skin following the procedure.

Skin Rejuvenation Cost in Charlotte, NC

The cost of this treatment varies depending on the number and size of the areas being treated. During the consultation, we will provide a full estimate for the procedure. Insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures.

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*Patient results may vary