Reduce Fat for a More Sculpted & Contoured Body at Our Charlotte, NC, Practice

While diet and exercise can work wonders for most figures, everyone has those stubborn pockets of fat that are somehow magically impervious to a healthy lifestyle. These fat pockets are most commonly found on the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck, and chin, and are problematic for women and men alike. Liposuction surgery in Charlotte, NC, is a safe, effective, and popular method of addressing those problem areas once and for all.

Liposuction (sometimes referred to as lipoplasty, lipectomy, or simply "lipo") is one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgeries performed on the body, both in the United States and around the world. When performed by a skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon such as Adam C. Augenstein, MD, patients are very satisfied with their results.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction in Charlotte, NC?

It is important for liposuction patients in Charlotte, NC, to recognize that while this procedure can result in dramatic improvements in fat reduction and body sculpting, it will not result in any significant weight loss even if fat is suctioned out of several or large areas. It is not a weight loss procedure, nor is it a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. It is also not an effective method for improving the appearance of cellulite, although it may improve.

The right candidates for liposuction are in good physical and mental health, are at or within a few pounds of their goal weight, and are committed to sustaining healthy lifestyle habits to maintain their weight and liposuction results*.

Liposuction is often performed in conjunction with a number of other cosmetic surgical procedures – these typically involve debulking, repositioning, and/or reshaping of fat (sometimes referred to as liposculpture). Such other procedures include tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts, breast augmentations and reductions, and more.

While minimally invasive, non-surgical methods of fat reduction or body contouring can be effective on many individuals, patients who have received liposuction chose to do so because of the immediacy, longevity, consistency, and predictability of the results*. And often, only one procedure of liposuction may be sufficient to acquire your desired goals.

The best method of determining whether you are a good candidate is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Adam C. Augenstein to discuss your needs, concerns, and goals.

What Can I Expect During a Liposuction Procedure in Charlotte, NC?

There are a number of liposuction methods available, but they are all meant to perform the same function with the same goal – to physically suction excess fat deposits out of the body to achieve a more sculpted, sleek physique. The specifics of a particular method can be discussed at your consultation with Dr. Augenstein.

In general, liposuction is an outpatient procedure that involves the following steps:

  • Anesthesia: Depending on a variety of factors, your surgeon will determine whether local, general, or intravenous anesthesia may be used.
  • Incision: Small, inconspicuous incisions are made, and diluted local anesthesia is infused into the areas to be treated to reduce trauma and bleeding. After this, a thin, hollow tube known as a cannula is inserted through the incisions to gently loosen and dislodge the excess fat, which is then suctioned out through a syringe or surgical vacuum attached to the cannula.
  • Closing of the incisions: Once the liposuction process is complete, the incisions are sutured close.

On average, a liposuction treatment in Charlotte, NC typically lasts between one to two and a half hours, depending on the size and number of areas being addressed during that particular session. The procedure is performed while the patient is under local or general anesthesia, depending on the situation, and the patient can return home the same day.

Liposuction can be used almost anywhere on the body. Liposuction can be used almost anywhere on the body.
Liposuction can be used on almost any area of the body and in conjunction with many other surgical procedures. Some common applications include reducing fat in the jowls (1), submental or chin area (2), neck (3), chest (4 and 5 in female and male breast reduction), armpit (6), upper arms (7), abdomen (8), waist and hips (9), buttocks or flanks (10), back (11), inner and outer thighs (12), and calves (13). The procedure can also be used to augment or reposition fat in a breast augmentation, breast lift, and Brazilian butt lift. Small amounts of fat are also commonly transferred to areas of the face to add volume at the time of a facelift.

An experienced plastic surgeon such as Adam C. Augenstein, MD knows how to manipulate the cannula to achieve the most natural effect, providing contouring to the area being treated as well as removing fat. While the ultimate goal of a liposuction procedure in Charlotte, NC, is to remove the correct amount of fat from the right locations, Dr. Augenstein does pride himself on the thoroughness of his approach.

Liposuction Recovery in Charlotte, NC

The exact amount of time patients will need to spend in the facility before they can return home depends largely on whether a local or general anesthetic was utilized.

Liposuction patients can typically return home the day of the procedure, though they will require a friend or family to drive as driving within 24 hours of surgery is not recommended.

We also advise patients to have a friend or family member on hand in the immediate hours following the procedure, to assist them with driving or other activities as required.

Adam C. Augenstein, MD and the staff at Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte will provide patients with detailed pre- and post-operative instructions that must be followed carefully to ensure a smooth operation and recovery.

The day after the procedure, liposuction patients are advised to engage in some light walking activity. Typically, within two to four days, most patients can return to work. Two weeks to one month after the treatment, patients can resume their normal workout routine. It is essential, for the sake of a fast and healthy recovery, that patients follow all aftercare instructions and contact Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte with any questions or concerns relating to their procedure.

Liposuction Cost in Charlotte, NC

Procedures can vary significantly in terms of the cost depending on a variety of factors, the most important being how many areas are addressed and the size of the area where improvement is sought. After your consultation with Adam C. Augenstein, MD, Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte will provide an estimate of all costs associated with the procedure.

We would be happy to advise anyone interested in liposuction about whether the procedure may be right for them, and what steps these may entail. Request your consultation to learn more about liposuction with Adam C. Augenstein, MD in Charlotte, NC. Call (704) 837-1150 or inquire online.

*Patient results may vary