Tummy Tuck in Charlotte, NC

How Can an Abdominoplasty in Charlotte Benefit You?

For many women and men, a healthy diet and exercise can help achieve a specific weight goal, but hitting that goal is no guarantee that the resulting shape will be the one you want. Whether due to weight loss, pregnancy, or age, there are a number of factors that can lead to unflattering areas of fat or skin on the abdomen, and the best method of effectively and thoroughly eliminating these problem areas is with a tummy tuck. Charlotte, NC patients seeking abdominal contouring—accomplished via a procedure called an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck—can rely on Adam C. Augenstein, MD for an experienced, thorough approach.

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck in Charlotte, NC?

Women and men with excess abdominal skin or fat may benefit from a tummy tuck in Charlotte, NC. The best method of determining whether you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck is to schedule a consultation with Adam C. Augenstein, MD to discuss your specific concerns and goals and view before and after photos of patients who have experienced an abdominoplasty. However, the ideal tummy tuck candidate is in good overall physical and mental health, and close to your ideal weight as gaining or losing weight can minimize or even negate the impact of the procedure. Many women wait to schedule an abdominoplasty until after they are finished having children, as pregnancy can stretch the skin and muscles, undermining the positive effects of the procedure.

What Can I Expect During An Abdominoplasty in Charlotte?

The exact details of your abdominoplasty in Charlotte depend on the type and extent of your procedure, but most tummy tucks are performed under general anesthetic. The number and locations of the incisions required for a tummy tuck depends on the patient's needs and expectations, but the surgeon works thoughtfully to ensure that any scarring is discrete and will provide an explanation of his approach to the procedure, including incision locations, during the consultation.

During the procedure, the doctor will remove excess fat and skin, and may choose to tighten the abdominal muscles if it will benefit the patient. The amount of skin and fat the surgeon can remove are highly variable, and Adam C. Augenstein, MD takes a tailored approach based on individual body type and patient desires.

The entire length of your tummy tuck procedure in Charlotte, NC will vary depending on the particulars of your procedure, but an abdominoplasty typically takes between one and four hours to complete, depending on areas to undergo liposuction and degree of skin laxity. During your consultation, Adam C. Augenstein, MD will provide details about your procedure.

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Abdominoplasty Recovery in Charlotte, NC

While a tummy tuck is a relatively common cosmetic treatment, it is important for patients to remember that it is a surgical procedure requiring several weeks of downtime. After the procedure, Adam C. Augenstein, MD will provide a list of care instructions, including prescriptions for any necessary pain medications.

Patients should expect some swelling and bruising following their tummy tuck procedure in Charlotte, NC, although swelling will subside within a few weeks. Some patients will need to wear a compression garment in the immediate weeks following their tummy tuck. While some patients can return to work within two weeks of an abdominoplasty, others might require as many as three weeks off work. Working from home might be a reasonable compromise and Adam C. Augenstein, MD and his staff are happy to provide answers to any questions or concerns about the recovery process.

Tummy tuck patients in Charlotte, NC can resume a light exercise routine, such as walking, two to three weeks after the procedure, and within six to eight weeks of the procedure, patients can consider themselves fully healed and resume their normal activities and schedule. We encourage patients to reach out to us with any questions or concerns during the recovery process, and we do follow up with our tummy tuck patients frequently to ensure their recovery is proceeding as expected.

Tummy Tuck Safety & Risks in Charlotte, NC

Every year in the United States alone, cosmetic surgeons perform more than 100,000 tummy tuck procedures, making it one of the most popular and common cosmetic surgical procedures. However, its popularity does not change the fact that there are risks.

After any abdominal surgery, patients are at risk of pulmonary thromboembolus, which is a blood clot that lodges in the lungs. While this can occur in the three weeks following treatment, it is significantly more likely to happen in the first 5-7 days, and tummy tuck patients can diminish this risk by walking early after surgery and taking their prescribed medications. Eliminating smoking in the weeks prior to and following any plastic surgery can help minimize complications, as well as following the doctor's post-operative instructions. Adam C. Augenstein, MD published an article addressing how to minimize venous thromboembolism in patients undergoing abdominoplasty and is happy to share his knowledge on the subject with patients.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost in Charlotte, NC?

Just as the length and type of procedure varies based on patient needs, the cost of a tummy tuck in Charlotte, NC depends on a number of factors including how much fat and skin the patient would like removed, and whether the patient wants to combine the tummy tuck with a complementary treatment such as liposuction or breast lift. The combination of procedures costs more than a single tummy tuck, but less than the cost of each procedure performed separately. Insurance will not cover the cost of a tummy tuck procedure.

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