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While many people might believe that surgery is required to achieve significant aesthetic improvements, nonsurgical treatments at Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte can also deliver satisfying results, often in the span of an hour or less. Injectable treatments like BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers can minimize fine lines and wrinkles, laser skin resurfacing can help eliminate skin blemishes and improve skin quality, and skin care procedures including chemical peels and microneedling help patients achieve their goals of youthful skin. Nonsurgical treatments are especially popular among patients who don’t have time to commit to a recovery process and prefer a treatment that can take place during a lunch break. Such treatments are also popular for their natural results, providing patients with a well-rested, youthful appearance.

Facial Procedures

Exfoliating Facial Package

Detoxifying Facials

Rejuvenating Facials


Brow Wax (add on)

Lip Wax (add on)

Skin Peels

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance

VI Peel with Precision (for Anti Aging)

VI Peel with Precision Plus (for Pigmentation & Sun Damage)

VI Peel Purify (for Acne Prone Skin)

VI Peel Purify with Precision Plus (for Acne Scars and Skin Damage)

Non-Surgical Procedures

BOTOX® Cosmetic


MedSpa testimonials

From Our Clients

“Adam C. Augenstein, MD is down to earth, very modest, and personable. He is extremely attentive to details and has the utmost consideration when operating and caring for all his patients so all experience the highest-level care and safety.”

—Jessica C

Breast Augmentation & Rhinoplasty

“Phenomenal facility, staff, and Adam C. Augenstein, MD was amazing! He listened to my concerns and created the game plan for treatment. He made me feel as though my concerns mattered and he wasn’t trying to just sell me on more surgery.”


Abdominoplasty After Massive Weight Loss

“I love my plastic surgeon! Adam C. Augenstein, MD is top notch! I am so happy with my legs, even with the swelling! I went in on February 9, 2016, after a year of back and forth wondering if I should or not, but I finally did it and I am thrilled!”

— Melanie Y

Thigh lift & Liposuction